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Let’s Win’s story is an inspiration to many in different walks of life: people who may have to deal with terrible odds, or simply people who need extra inspiration to believe in themselves.


The Let’s Win website encourages youngsters to become a friend of Let’s Win, share their dreams and upcoming events with him. By logging into the website, each youngster will receive a quote from one of the Let’s Win’s ambassadors.


The aim of the website is to inspire youngsters worldwide. As in the slogan of the Let’s Win website, Dream.Believe.Win, we want to encourage the youth to believe in their dream and to work towards achieving it.  Collecting inspirational quotes from the ambassadors of the site, will encourage them to believe in themselves and their dreams - and to work to achieve their own aspirations.


Let’s Win had just finished competing in his first 1.30m show jumping competition in South Africa. Standing at the side of the arena in the shade of a tree, the strong, muscular horse watched what was going on around him with interest and heightened excitement. He reared up with a spurt of energy.


Before anyone realised what had happened, Let’s Win was lying on the floor, unresponsive and still, with blood trickling from his nose and ears.The vets agreed: Let’s Win had suffered a severe head injury from hitting his head on a branch of a tree as he reared up. His chances of survival were less than one percent. 


Win’s rider immediately refused to allow him to be put down. On the advice of her own vets, she and some other riders managed to get him into a truck to be taken to a clinic where he could be observed. Upon arrival at the clinic, Win had another seizure. The swelling caused by the trauma to his head had made him temporarily blind. It appeared that he would have to remain in hospital for at least a month before his condition could be fully established. The outlook was grave.


Let’s Win’s natural instinct to fight took over. Within three days he was home. His rider undertook his regime of rehabilitation immediately, walking him both in hand and over trotting poles. The bond between horse and rider strengthened as they both recovered from the horror of the accident.


Today, Let’s Win is competing again - and is winning trophies. Named for the thrill of achievement and remaining true to his will to be the best, Win has proven that inner strength and conviction, supported by the love and interest of friends, can triumph against all odds.